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MathemaTIC (“we”, “us”, or “our”) values your privacy. We are committed to protecting your personal information whether you are engaging in learning, conducting business with us electronically, or simply browsing for information. As such, MathemaTIC has developed this Privacy Policy in order for you to understand how we collect, communicate, disclose and make use of your personal information.

The MathemaTIC team considers data security to be our top priority and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in accordance with established best practices and legal requirements. We strive to hold your data in a secure manner while helping you attain your educational goals.

Your ministry of education, academic institution, or organization decides the purpose and method of data processing on MathemaTIC and are therefore considered "Data Controllers". Vretta, as the learning technology partner for MathemaTIC, is considered a "Data Processor" since the data is processed on behalf of the Data Controller, as per its instructions.  

This privacy policy will explain how our organization uses the personal data we collect from you when you use our website.


MathemaTIC strongly adheres to the principles outlined in the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data. This Regulation applies to all users with whom MathemaTIC interacts in the course of its business, including international users and minors.


  • We will collect and use your personal information only within the bounds of this Privacy Policy and the documented instructions of the relevant Data Controller
  • We undertake to collect your personal information solely by lawful and fair means.
    • It is ultimately the responsibility of the Data Controller to ensure personal data has been processed legally. However we have put in place measures to ensure that data is not processed without justifiable legal basis. The lawful basis for processing your data in this case is your explicit consent.
    • In some cases the legal justification may be different and in those cases your Data Controller has chosen to utilize other means of justifying processing.
  • We will not share your personal information with any third parties, except as necessary to provide you with the services and products you have requested or to comply with the law.
  • We will not sell or rent our mailing list.


Personal Information

When you use our products, as instructed by your academic institution (or ministry or organization), we collect personal information such as your first name, last name, email address. In some cases, we may be instructed by the Data Controller to collect sensitive personal information such as your sex, so that they may carry out questionnaires on the platform. Under some circumstances we collect your age in order to verify your status as a minor and ensure your rights are protected accordingly.


We collect usernames and passwords that are created by users participating in our system. Your teacher or school administration may create these credentials.

Device Data

We collect information on the version of the device or software you are using while interacting with our products. We will also collect other information, such as the type of Internet Browser you are using and your IP address, and what Country you are in.

We also use cookies that are essential to delivering the service, to handle login authentication and language selection.

Language Data

We collect what language of the application is being used, as well as when the language is changed.

Activity Data

We collect data about which lessons you have used, how long you spend on them, whether you have completed them or not, and your score on them.

We also collect log data associated to browsing different sections within the application.


In some schools and countries we carry out questionnaires (e.g. opinions about Mathematics) on request from our Data Controllers. They are responsible for designing the content and deciding the purposes for this content, however we will process the data as part of the platform. 


We collect other administrative information such as your college/school name, online class name, professor’s/teacher’s name, and grade level. 

We do not use what is sometimes referred to as "machine learning" or "artificial intelligence" algorithms to process personal data.


You directly provide MathemaTIC with the data we collect. We process and store data when you:

  • Register an account
  • Use our application by creating classes, joining classes, changing your configuration options in the application (e.g. changing a language), attempt and/or complete educational content
  • Fill out a questionnaire (where applicable)


MathemaTIC will disclose your personal information to third parties under the following circumstances:

  • When we are required or permitted to do so by law
  • When we retain a third party to provide support to us, such as technical support and system maintenance services
  • When we have your consent

If and when your information is no longer required for the purposes specified by the Data Controller, we will delete your information.  


MathemaTIC will retain your personal and non-personal information only for the period of time that is necessary under the circumstances or required by law. If and when your information is no longer required for the purposes specified by the Data Controller, we will delete your information.


At times, MathemaTIC is required to share your personal information with its affiliated entities that help MathemaTIC provide the service or products you have requested. All such affiliated entities are strictly bound by this Privacy Policy and will adhere to the same level of privacy protection as we do. Certain personal information becomes public when you voluntarily post it in the public area(s) of the website, such as a chat-room or a discussion forum. Public information is not protected by this Privacy Policy. All messages and comments posted in the public area(s) of the website express the views of the author and MathemaTIC shall not be held accountable for the content of any such message or comment. We do not control and are not responsible for the information that users may post, transmit or share on the website. If data is transferred internationally, it is only done either with user consent or if there is an adequate standard of protection and privacy in the relevant country. The classes of persons to whom the data will be transferred include only sub-processors who have met sufficient standards of data protection and privacy, including cloud storage providers and other Data Controllers.


MathemaTIC strives to ensure that your personal information is stored securely. We are committed to protecting your information by utilizing reasonable security safeguards against loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, unauthorized use or modification. However, we do not guarantee that our security safeguards will never fail. As such, MathemaTIC will have no liability to you or to any third party in the event that a loss, misuse, destruction, or alternation of your personal information shall occur. Please note that any information sent or received via e-mail is generally not secure. Therefore, we do not guarantee the security of such electronic transmissions.


Our website may contain links to other websites (“third party sites”), which are not covered under this Privacy Policy. MathemaTIC does not provide any representation or warranty with respect to third party sites. MathemaTIC does not endorse third party sites and is not liable or otherwise responsible for the data collection procedures implemented by third parties.


Your rights will vary by country and region. For European users that fall under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the following rights are supported:

  • The right to be informed: Individuals have the right to know what kind of processing is happening to their data.
  • The right to access data: Organizations must be able to, free of charge, confirm that an individual’s data is being held as well as notifying them of the type of data.
  • Rectification or correction of inaccuracies: If any personal data is either inaccurate or incomplete, an individual can request this to be fixed.
  • Restricting the processing of personal data: If an individual feels the processing of their data is either inaccurate or unlawful, they have the right to stop processing activities.
  • Data portability: Individuals have the right to move their data from one organization to another, without any loss of usability.
  • Objecting to processing activities: Individuals can object to their personal data being used for scientific or historical research, direct marketing, processing based on official authority, legitimate interests or in the public interest.
  • The right not to be subject to automated decision-making: Individuals have the right not to be subject to profiling. Organizations may not analyze an individual’s personal information to predict their economic situation, health, location, or personal preferences.
  • Erasing personal data: Individuals have the right to have their data erased if the data was processed unlawfully, if they withdraw consent, or if their data is no longer necessary for the original purpose in which it was collected.

You may obtain access to any personally identifiable information relating to you that we have on file by submitting a formal request to us at You can help us maintain the accuracy of your personal information by notifying us of any changes to your information.


If you have any questions or concerns about Data Protection and Privacy, feel free to contact Vretta’s Data Protection Officer at


MathemaTIC is a personalized learning platform that is designed to make the experience of learning mathematics engaging and enjoyable for every learner.

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