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Connect Live Event - Starter level

In this first training, participants learn how to connect to with their IAM. The installation on Android or iPad tablets, as well as the creation of classes or groups, are thoroughly covered. The various functions of the teacher interface are presented in detail to enable immediate use after the training. For more information or to register, please visit the following link: Learn More Live Event - Level 1

In this second training course, participants will discover different possibilities to use MathemaTIC. We will present different pedagogical scenarios and specific modules for each target group. For more information or to register, please visit the following link: Learn More Live Event - Level 2

In this third training session, participants will be invited to reflect on the integration of MathemaTIC in their practice. We will explore the use of MathemaTIC for learning, practice and remediation. Project work and Flipped Classroom are illustrated with a module as a learning method for each target group. For more information or to register, please visit the following link: Learn More

Learning with MathemaTIC

MathemaTIC’s personalized learning environment houses various digitally rich lessons, items, games, and tools, that engages and motivates students to improve their level of numeracy and make learning mathematics fun.

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How it works

Personalized Learning

Students interact with research- backed, engaging resources that are tailored to their needs and aligned to the learning outcomes as per the curriculum.

Differentiated Instruction

Diverse resources enable the tailored instruction of mathematics for students resulting in an increase in engagement and motivational levels while achieving common goals.

Actionable Data

MathemaTIC provides teachers and students with real-time academic progress through actionable data. The dashboards allow them to view feedback that directly aligns students' needs with learning outcomes.


MathemaTIC leverages various innovative technological features that make the platform accessible, simple to use, and easily customizable.

Curriculum Alignment




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MathemaTIC’s curriculum covers a variety of key mathematical topics including Number Sense and Numeration, Measurement, Geometry and Spacial Sense, Patterning and Algebra, and much more.

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MathemaTIC community


The “Professional Learning Community for MathemaTIC” innovative project (“PLC for MathemaTIC”) is developed to support collaboration of teachers in primary schools in Luxembourg

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Want to learn more about MathemaTIC? Visit our community page to see our upcoming events where you can catch the MathemaTIC team and our featured stories!

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Request access to MathemaTIC to build and monitor your own classes and to try out our latest interactive formative, diagnostic and summative resources that make mathematics engaging for students.

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MathemaTIC is a personalized learning platform that is designed to make the experience of learning mathematics engaging and enjoyable for every learner.

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